Summer Series Blogs 1 – Intro

Welcome to the first article of my Summer Series Blogs – the Intro!

It’s William Huynh often confused with William Hung, yes the ‘She bang, she bangs’ dude from American idol fame (same vocal cords and dance moves but no relation!) #samesamebutdifferent

                 William ‘Well Hung’ Huynh

Just in case you wanted a reminder (, now that we’ve got that out of the way onto the article!
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Summer Series Blogs 2 – Natural Fat Burners

Welcome to my Summer Series Blogs 2 – Natural Fat Burners article, where I share with you the products that I use on the daily to burn excess body fat and maintain my desired physique all year round. But before we get started, just some disclaimer shit to get out of the way.


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Happy Lunar New Year instead of Chinese New Year

So you’ve probably noticed Asians around you getting pretty excited this week for Chinese New Year (CNY) celebrations. Which may or may not leave you wondering: ‘Do all Asians celebrate CNY’? Like the people of Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia  etc.

Fear not my friends as I lay it down in this guide to understanding your Asian neighbors!

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